oh dear another please help me thread :)

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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oh dear another please help me thread :)

Postby mogwai » Sun 23 Apr, 2006 11:49

Hi all...i'm so glad I finally found someplace to post my question. I read many of the prevoius posts but wanted to ask to make sure i do this right.

First my quick story - parents recently divorced and mom was going to loose the house...my wife and i bought it from her and she still lives with us, but she never learned how to run the pool - that was dad's job. Now we seem to have a problem and being a pool newbie i'm unsure where to start.

The 10,000 gallon in ground pool has about a foot of water in it. The hot tub is right by the pool and i believe, when they are both filled the tub runs into the big pool.

The pump and the multi valves are above the water level in the pool. Although the pump pulls water just fine when taking water from the Spa, when turning the valve to pull from the pool, i just get slow stream - like the pump is pulling in air from somewhere. It's like it pulls for a second or so, the pressure valve on the filter goes up, but then it looses any steam and just pulls a little bit.

Is the pump not strong enough? Is there still a blockage that we haven't fixed or should I now begin replace the seals? Help me please :( this is all new to me...

Thanks in advance.


Pool Helper

Pump problem

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 14:59

oh dear another please help me thread

"Pool pump problem" would have been a more informative title. :wink:

If you've only got a foot of water in the pool, make sure you are trying to draw water from the main drain and NOT from the skimmer.

You may have a leaky skimmer shutoff valve which is allowing the pump to suck air and lose prime.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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oh dear another please help me thread :)

Postby fayelooper » Tue 30 Aug, 2011 04:51

Yeah i agree with Pool heater, You should change your title. Anyways, we have the same issue that's why i changed my pump and bought a new one.
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