Grey stain on marblelite pool

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Grey stain on marblelite pool

Postby AUSPoolman » Sun 27 Jan, 2008 21:37

A client has grey stains. He says a former pool tech tried to kill some algae with stabilised chlorine and it resulted in this battleship grey stain forming. Obviously there is/was some type of metal in the water?

I've heard from another tech the only way to remove is to drain and acid wash.

Anyone had experience with this stain pls? I've tried Abscorbic acid and it may have helped a tiny bit. I suppose I might try dry acid in a filter sock next time I'm there.

Cheers :)


Postby Guest » Wed 30 Jan, 2008 17:42

jack's magic has a program designed to remove metal staining. check out there site, it may keep you from draining your pool

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