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Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby Guest » Mon 28 Jan, 2008 17:59

Has anyone designed a way to heat your pool with wood? Some that lives in our town heats their pool with a homemade wood burning system. Has anyone done this and if so, how did you make it? My husband would like to make one to heat our pool.


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Postby Ickle » Thu 31 Jan, 2008 12:16

The issues with heating your swimming pool with something like wood, is that it is an unconrtollable heat source. By this i mean you cant turn it off and on at the click of a switch, you also cant regualte how hot it burns. This can cause problems with getting your pool to hold a steady temperature. You would need to look at a way of getting rid of excess heat using a heat sink. I have been to many pools where they have tried this, and they have all now resorted to "conventional" heating sources.
I have told people of this before and they have told me "well ive got a solid fuel stove...." I have also had a solid fuel stove, and still run all my central heating off a solid fuel stove.
If you have a liner pool you will have to be extra carefull as too much heat will be costly in the long run with new liners etc.

heating pool with wood stove

Postby forest » Thu 31 Jan, 2008 21:58

i am thinking of using wood stove to heat pool in winter time. inslulate pool and use it for a heat sink and pump warm air into my house to heat it in the winter. how can you set up a stove to heat water.

Wood Burning Pool Heater

Postby glen » Sat 01 Mar, 2008 15:15

I know a guy said it worked good but the smoke from the wood burning isn't worth it so he shut it down
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Postby DBServices » Wed 19 Mar, 2008 21:09

You asked for it. Search this in google.' barbacue grill pool heater'
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Wood burning stove as a pool heater

Postby avallerand » Thu 17 Jul, 2008 21:15

A brother-in -law was able to acquire an older wood stove with a built-in coil for water heating purposes.
He easily hooked up the inlet and outlet to the pool and he could get a burst of heat on demand.

Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby flcowgirl41 » Sat 28 Feb, 2009 12:04

my brothers in-laws had a wood burning pool heater down in the keys..florida...they loved it...trying now to find a 50 gal barrel to make my own..any ideas...??
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Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby pooldude » Sat 28 Feb, 2009 12:33

Depends where you are. You could try food manufacturers, car repair shops, construction supply companies or construction sites, farm supply stores, ... the list is huge.

Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby bill5mith » Thu 16 Apr, 2009 06:24


reading the forum about wood burning heater for a pool, i have built two now. no 1. Oil drum with a central heating unit, waste of time. Next no.2 a degree of success. Took 4 old central heating radiators and sealed them in a block structure, filling the gaps with fire bricks. Added a chimney and door ensuring the unit was air tight. Installed a in-line fan with controller. Quite a large structure. It is controllable and reasonably efficient. A load of good logs will burn all night heating the pool to a very desirable temperature. The pool is an above ground 24' intex with insulation on the base and side walls with a solar cover. In the event that the heat needs a top-up during the day a small fire can be lit or the burner can be left smoldering for the day and turn up the fan when needed. I have found that getting to know the unit and timing of when to heat is the easiest way to manage it. Additionally I have 9kw of electric heating to use as another way of keeping the pool at the desired temp. I have just installed another heating matrix made of 22mm pipe at the top of the burner and exiting the chimney, this seems to heat very quickly. Should the pool get to hot the burner can be shut down within minutes by capping the chimney and blocking the airflow. Finally, if you do install any type of heating make sure all pipes are lagged, a rough calculation made showed I was wasting around 20% of my heat on the pipe work alone. Designing new heater for next season

good luck

Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby simon » Fri 01 May, 2009 21:08

I'm in the process of testing one tonight, I used an old firebox, drilled eight holes in two rows, in front of the flue pipe ,then inserted four "u" shaped pieces of 3/8" stainless steel tubing (about 12" lg), the ends sticking out the top of the box, next I connected the eight protruding ends to two 1" ss tapped pipe headers, then connected the headers to hoses and connected in series with the filter pump.
the water on the outlet is about 28 degrees hotter than the inlet. Before I was done I had already thought of ways to improve it, next I'll try wrapping 3/8" copper tubing on the outside of the fire box, then insulating it.
I'm open for suggestions...

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