Pump Causing Leaks?

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Pump Causing Leaks?

Postby peterh » Sun 03 Feb, 2008 20:48

My pool is 24 X 12 with two return lines. I presently have a 1hp pump and wondered if it may be too much. After the first year (new installation) we sprung a leak in one return line where the hose 2" attaches to the jet. We had that fixed and the same thing happened to the other side the following year. Could the pump be too powerful for the pool?, could the "Eyeballs" in the returns be too restrictive causing too much backpressure?.

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Postby Ickle » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 13:55

Yes of course you could be right.
But, your pool should have been sized, to the filter, and so therefore pump etc too.
Your pump size will have been determined by the filter size, and the tables which go along side it with pool volume.
What sort of pipe have you used on the pool return lines? ABS? PVC? POLYPIPE? It could just be that the glue was not at its best, or similar, just a coincedence.
I would try to leave the eyeballs in, to help keep the pool cleaner, by directing the flow around.
I wouldnt worry at this point, but do find out wat size your filter is etc, as I would tend not to put a 1hp pump on a pool of your size in general
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Postby mr_clean » Wed 06 Feb, 2008 18:31

normally if pump is to big you will have cavitation happening in pump basket area. You will see water through the lid not fill up to the top of it when it is running.
What size pipe is used for pool? normally new 1-HP pumps & above go with 2"-3" pipe, anything smaller pump size would be 3/4-1/2HP.

If you think you need to do something then replace the Impeller & just down size it to 3/4 or 1/2 hp one. This will be the cheaper & easier way to go & lowers pump pressure.

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