always cloudy after add chlorine to skimmer

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always cloudy after add chlorine to skimmer

Postby mspool » Mon 24 Apr, 2006 09:57

New pool owner. my pool is always cloudy after I add the chlorine to the skimmer. it is a fiberglass pool. recently got behind on maintenance and noticed the water starting to turn green. I immediately did a thorough vacuum then my standard maintenance routine. water is no longer green but very cloudy. but it is always cloudy after I add chlorine. usually cloudy for 3 to 4 days then starts to clear up. does anyone know why. and also I have two kids. is it safe to let them swim if the pool is cloudy and all the test readings are ok and in range?

Pogo pool

Cloudy water help

Postby Pogo pool » Mon 24 Apr, 2006 16:51

The chlorine is dissolving slowly and may be reacting in the filter. This is not a good way to add chlorine to a pool.

Rather dissolve it in a bucket of water and pour it round the pool for quick effect.

Some people like to add tablets to the skimmer though I find it ruins the plastic fittings over time.

how do you normally add powder chlorine

Postby mspool » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 11:09

is this a normal way to add powder chlorine. how do most people do it? a pool professional told me to add the chlorine to the skimmer. then I told him it was always cloudy for several days. he then said try adding it straight to the pool. I did that but it was still cloudy for a couple of days. what is normal here. should the chlorine be invisible or will you always have cloudiness for a few days.

Postby LL » Sat 03 Jun, 2006 15:13

Everything that I have read says that if you add chlorine to the skimmer it will ruin your pump. What kind of chlorine are you using? If you get the tablets, you should get a float that sits in your pool and slowly adds the chlorine as long as you have tablets in the float (small plastic UFO looking thing w/ holes around its base to allow the water in to dissolve the chlorine). I am new at this, but from what I understand, as long as you have your chlorine balanced, that's the best way to keep your chlorine levels stable and then shock your pool once every week to two weeks.

When my pool needs a really heavy dose of chlorine (as it did when I opened it this year, I used liquid chlorine and dumped it in front of the filter jet.

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