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Nature 2

Postby markspitz101 » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 04:00

I have been a pool owner for the past two years. I have a 24 foot round above ground. The first year was great but last year I had a battle with algae. No matter how many chemicals we added or how often we tested teh pool we had algae. Finally with a week or so to go in the swimming season I had the sand changed and winterized the pool and ran it like this for a week before closing the pool. There was no algae at the time of closing.

I have the Natures 2 cartridge and been using this for two years. Is it proper to always keep on of those large pills or tablets of chlorine floating around the pool with this system? It was my understanding that by using the Natures 2 system that it eliminated the need for the weekly addition of chemicals. What we have done in the past is give a weekly non chlorine shock and once a month a chlorine shock.

I do not want to battle with the algae again this year so look forward to reading the replies to this topic.


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Postby Ickle » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 14:11

I have not used this system myself, but have heard people refer to it as a "Non Chlorine System".
This I believe is not true, it is the same as many other products. You need to consider the following;
Destroys bacteria and algae
Reduces potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant odors
Reduces chlorine use to just 0.5ppm
Lower chlorine levels help keep the pool pH balanced
Will not damage your pool equipment

This basically means you keep a small residual of chlorine in your pool. I currently run my pool at 0.5-1ppm Free Chlorine, and shock treat every 4 weeks, with no other products.

I would think that you would need to keep a large chlorine tablet in a float to keep your free chlorine residual up to about 0.5ppm.


Postby Poolz » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 18:40

I use the Pool Wizard. I think similar to Nature2 but cheaper and very effective.

I don't like the floating tablets as they get in the way when we swim. I add chlorine to my (inground) pool on Thursdays (for the weekend) and on Sunday evening after the rush has died down.

We are almost never aware of the chlorine and my pool always looks great. I never use any algaecide or floc or any other gunk. My neighbor swears by the non-chlorine shock but I have found it unnecessary.

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