Pebble Sheen Pebbles are Falling Off!!

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Pebble Sheen Pebbles are Falling Off!!

Postby zoni36 » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 11:25

Just wanted to see if anyone else is having a problem.
We have had our Pebble Sheen pool for 5 years. We have always maintained good chemical levels, and now suddenly the pebbles are dropping off the pools walls. I have flushed at least 3 gallons of Pebble Sheen from our filter. The pool builder claims that we haven't maintained the pool properly, but I don't see how that can be true. I'm just curious if anyone has any thoughts or has had similar issues.


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Postby mr_clean » Wed 06 Feb, 2008 19:22

what are correct chemical readings in your opinion?
Did you check with PB what they recommend for your pool?
Do you know what the warranty is for your pool?
If you find that pool chemicals are good & what PB recommended & contract states your under warranty then they should fix problem.
If not then get lawyer who will help change their ways.

Postby Guest » Fri 08 Feb, 2008 13:53

If it was fine for 5 years before you had a problem then yes, it is probably related to poor water chemistry. suck it up, literally.

Postby zoni36 » Sat 09 Feb, 2008 15:19

Thanks for your replies.

My husband has always maintained the pool according 2 the poolbuilders directions. We even had them come out twice to help. Chemical levels in pool now are bad because pool equipment isn't working due to all the pebblesheen.

Going to try & fight a bit more with builders but it sounds like it will be an uphill battle.

Thanks again for your input!

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