How to electronically test FC and TC levels

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How to electronically test FC and TC levels

Postby Womble- » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 17:48

Does anyone know where to buy a probe that will electronically test the TC or just the FC levels? I am looking for just the probe so I can interface it to my PC.

I have found many vendors who sell electronic chlorine dispensers that read the amount of FC and then automatically dispense Chlorine at a constant rate but I have not been able to find anyone who makes the probe they all use.

Found a great pH probe at Mettler-Toledo but no Chlorine probes...



Clorine test

Chlorine sensor

Postby Clorine test » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 18:48

The probe you are talking about is in fact an ORP sensor - it measures the Oxidation Reduction potential of the pool water.

The millivolt reading is indicative of the water's potential for disinfection. A minimum value of 650mv is required. High pH, high TA and high CYA values all serve to lower the ORP value, so you may find pools with optimum ORP value having 10ppm FC.

Do a search for ORP chlorine and you should find plenty of info and sources for the sensors.

Re: Chlorine sensor

Postby Guest » Thu 07 Feb, 2008 21:41

ORP should not be considered a direct measure of sanitizer level. I think the OP wanted a chlorine probe, to measure FC. They're different than ORP probes, and a bit more expensive.

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