Stuck Pump Lid

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Stuck Pump Lid

Postby mas985 » Sat 15 Oct, 2011 12:09

If it is a twist lock type of pump lid, try to loosen the lid while the pump is running. The suction helps to reduce the friction on the lip clamp and can sometimes make it easier to turn.

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Jack trip

Stuck Pump Lid

Postby Jack trip » Sat 03 Nov, 2012 17:13

What I did was after I loosened the top wing thing, I turned the pump on. I got wet, but the top popped. When it pops turn pump off and your in business.

Stuck Pump Lid

Postby Comeinhandy » Wed 16 Apr, 2014 05:13

It depends on the type of top you have but what you need is a tool with a long handle for a lot if leverage. Every year I have problems with the top of my choline dispenser and the top of my sand filter. I recently made a tool for these, shown in my video on youtube (comeinhandynow channel) here:

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