Moving waves of tiny brown bugs - almost microscopic - YUK!

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Moving waves of tiny brown bugs - almost microscopic - YUK!

Postby Peppertree » Sun 10 Feb, 2008 08:25

We had green water, so we shocked it yesterday. On taking the pool cover off today, I can see millions if tiny brown dots swimming in waves all over the surface of the pool. Grief! I'm not getting into that soup until I know what they are! Pool temp is at 26C... anyone know what we've got growing in there?


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Postby Poolz » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 03:54

Shock, filter and shock again. Usually clears in a few days.

Search for bugs on this forum. There have been dozens of posts in the past.
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Postby randomlee » Thu 28 Feb, 2008 08:55

Ive just been through the same nightmare.
Tuesday we had a few biting backswimmers, Saturday we had a billion.(NO LIE). Our pool is salt water and we werent sure what we could do and not do with it and our town was hopeless for help regarding pool enquires but I SHOCKED the pool anyway as I saw that the chlorine level was low.
The bugs were dead within hours and we skimmed as much as we could out of the pool but we just kept vacumning and cleaning out the filter, must of done it 20 times but it worked. Might of seemed excessive but it was the only way to get rid of them all.
As we skimmed them out we emptied the bugs into a big plastic bin we had filled with some liquid chlorine and they died pretty well soon enough. I had actually seen some bugs go back into the pool if we didnt kill them. Another thing I noticed that worked very fast was a cup full of dishwashing detergent. It killed them off too. Have noticed many posts about it as I think I viewed everything on this website to do with my problem.
We also backwashed the pool to waste, just to get rid of the scum of the bugs and eggs from the bottom. Then we rebalanced our pool, time consuming and quiet costly for us.
Now we know though, after being in drought for so many years that rain brings algae to your water, very quickly where we live. We thought cause we couldnt see any algae that our pool was safe. Little did I realise that algae can be microscopical and It had rained for 2 months straight and we didnt realise how important it was to keep pool balanced and algae treated. Now we know to add Algae killer to our pool every week, its just all trial and error.
Hope your nightmare ends soon, those bugs are better off dead. I had dreams for many nights about being bitten by them all, they bloody hurt a LOT! :D

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