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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby hairco » Wed 13 Feb, 2008 19:05

Hi all i am new here & to haveing a pool.
Well i have a Fiberglass and this the 1st. winter
and i thought i was doing so good & i put the cover on
and left the pump running but forgot to put the chroine
tabs in & now it is black water . So tomorrow i am going
to remove the cover.Please tell me how to clear my water? Some
people i heard uses bleach. Help please. Thanks Jeanette


BBB method

Postby Guest » Wed 13 Feb, 2008 20:55

Hey Jeanette,

I use BBB.

What you wanna do is check you're numbers... pH, chl, ta, CYA...

Use the bleach for chlorine.
The Borax for pH.
The Baking soda for TA.
and stabilizer for CYA. You're goal is 40-50. That's it. Once you start going over 50 in CYA, you'll need more clorine to do the same job less chlorine did last month... KWIM. The higher the CYA number the more chlorine you'll need.

If you do go over, don't fret. You simply drain some water out and fill it back up with fresh and the high CYA will drop. It may take a few drains/refills if it ever get's too high. You will know once you test the water.

Bring your shock level up to 15 ppm and keep it there until it starts to clear. You should run your pump 24/7 until then. You've got a good bit of algea it seems so you're gonna have to stay on top of it, checking CL every 4 hours or so the first few days, dumping more (unsented) bleach as to not let it get below 15ppm. <Then you'd be wasting your time, money and bleach :wink: > And don't forget to brush. Brushing is good because it scratches the algea up so the bleach can kill it even faster. :twisted:

It may take ya a good week to clear up but you can do it. Good Luck and keep us posted. :D

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