Fiberglass vs Gunite

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Fiberglass vs Gunite

Postby cummins95 » Thu 14 Feb, 2008 21:45

My wife and I are planning on building a pool in the backyard very soon but can't seem to decide which is a better quality pool and one that will be easier and cheaper to maintain. I hear from the gunite pool companies that they are better and then I hear from the glass company and of course they say their pools are the best. So I'm looking for an unbiased opinion and a pros and cons list from people that have had both or know alot about both. Thanks very much for the help.

South TX Poolguy
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Postby South TX Poolguy » Thu 14 Feb, 2008 22:57

Fiberglass should be a lot cheaper.

Gunite is the shell. You will never see it. The gunite is covered with plaster or your choice of material.

If you can afford a gunite pool, I would prefer it over fiberglass.

Both require the same amount of care. The chemical needs over time will vary because the fiberglass pool does not react with the water. Neither type is substancially cheaper to maintain than the other.

Other than cost, personal preference should dictate the type you get. You should swim in each type and see if there is a favorite.

IMO fiberglass makes great boats.

Also look into different designs. The standard shallow end - deep end pool has drawbacks. What age swimmers will be using the pool, what will you be doing in it. I like the "game pools" They have are 4ft on each end with the middle 5 or 6 ft. They work great for volleyball and laps.

You could also look into an in-ground liner pool.

Whatever type pool you get:

Buy a DE filter.
Hire a competant pool service.

You will be happy with your choice!

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