my pool is algae covered also

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my pool is algae covered also

Postby boydog40 » Mon 18 Feb, 2008 21:38

I read some of the below post regarding clorox and green algae, my question is "is it safe to pour bleach on my liner?"
i too have sunk some $$ into "algae killers" with zero luck at all so am willing to try anything at this point


Clorox in pools

Postby Poolz » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 04:26

is it safe to pour bleach on my liner?

It is safe to pour clorox into your pool water. I wouldn't pour it on the liner directly (if the pool is empty) as it could bleach the color out.

Clorox is liquid chlorine at a strength of around 5%. It has a very high pH and is not stabilized for use in pool water. It is a good shock agent for swimming pools.

Clorox is sodium hypo and is related to cal hypo, the most common chlorine shock. One pound of cal hypo has the same amount of chlorine as about 1.6 gallons of clorox. You do the math.

Cal hypo raises pH somewhat and add a lot of calcium into the pool.
Clorox raises the pH a lot and adds to the TDS values.

You can safely use clorox in any pool.


Postby boydog40 » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 23:10

thanks Larry, my pool is appx 25,000 gallons, algae continues to come back very next day after brushing/algaecide/shock etc
question is how much granular chlorine should I mix to "shock" the algae
or how much bleach

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