Upgrade pump?

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Upgrade pump?

Postby Cloudy625 » Tue 19 Feb, 2008 10:58

I have a question, if I may. Last summer I bought an above ground metal framed swimming pool from WalMart. 24x52 . The pump that came with it (Intex corp.) just doesn't seem to be strong enough to filtrate the entire pool. I also purchased the salt water system and hooked it thru the regular filtration pump. It didn't seem to help with anything. Anyway, I am wondering if upgrading to a more powerful pump would help me out. Does anyone here have any experience or knowledge about upgrading from the Intex pumps for the metal-framed swimming pools, etc.?
Thank You!


pump upgrade

Postby DaKeith » Tue 19 Feb, 2008 18:35

I also had a intex pool 15x48 and the pump was weak, i bougth a 1/2 horse and sand filter and it did the job. I just used the hoses that came with the pump and filter. but i will say that the flow from the 1/2 pump shot water all the way across the pool lol. had to try and angle the return down so it wouldnt shoot the water across the pool. by the way it was a water way pump and filter combo i think

upgrade pump

Postby Cloudy625 » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 10:53

Thank You DaKeith!
I'm kind of relieved to find someone else who had that same problem. I was beginning to wonder if all pumps were supposed to be that weak. lol
I think I'll do the same thing you did and buy a sand pump. Maybe I won't turn my pool into a jacuzzi. lol
Thanks Again!

Upgrade pump?

Postby DaKeith » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 19:47

no problem, just remember u will probaly have to angel ur return line down somehow because the flow was so stronge that it was spraying water kinda upward and when the water level got close to the return line it would shoot water across the pool. plus remember i used a 1/2 horse power moter, anything else would have been to strong. also to give u a heads up, pump and filter combo with hoses and stuff was about 300.00

Upgrade pump?

Postby Cloudy625 » Thu 17 Apr, 2008 11:45

I am just getting around to buying the waterway pump that you and I had discussed a few months ago. I am having problems finding the 1/2 hp. I can find plenty of the 3/4, 1's & 2's. I will check on ebay though and see if they have any. Also, did your filter system come with the pump or is it 2 separate deals?

Upgrade pump?

Postby yetgenp » Fri 13 Mar, 2009 16:07

I also have an intex pool (15' x 48") and the 850 gph pump that came with it just will not push the water through the paper filter. I've purchased a 2500 gph pump from intex (Model 633) but the fittings that attach to the pool are much larger than the omes for the smaller pump. I'm going to cut the holes in the liner to fit and see what happens. If I don't rui it, a sand filter is in the workd.

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Upgrade pump?

Postby Larry » Fri 13 Mar, 2009 16:34

Hi Howard

Before you go cutting the liner why not see if there are hose adapters you could use?

I think the 2,500 gph pump has a 1 1/2" hose diameter. The fittings on your 15' pool are most likely 1 1/4". A simple adapter would be far safer and easier than trying to cut and patch the liner (which can be risky).


Upgrade pump?

Postby Guest » Sat 27 Jun, 2009 21:11

I have the same problem with my 15 x 48 intex pool. So, i bought one of those 4000gph pumps. The valves dont fit on the inlets and outlets. So, i ordered the adapters. The problem now is that they allow air to get into the filter. So every half hour I have to allow the air to escape. Everything is as tight as it could possibly be on the system. I dont know what else to do about it. Today, i removed the valves and attached the hose directly to the adapters and leave the air release a little bit undone on the filter. It seems to work for now. I dont really want to cut a hole in the liner to allow the valves to fit properly but that may be something I will have to look at doing.

Upgrade pump?

Postby lvenden » Tue 30 Jun, 2009 06:27

We have the same size pool and also bought a 4000gph pump. We installed it last night and are having the same problem. Have you come up with a solution?

Upgrade pump?

Postby vdivito » Wed 08 Jul, 2009 21:18

I have the same 15 x 48 pool and just installed a 2500gph pump. I am using the adapters. I don't get air in the line but I do get a loud buzzing sound from the suction line from within the adapter. I removed the plunger valve at the suction end and have stopped the buzzing noise for now. I also am not crazy about all the extra weight of the larger hoses and plunger valves. Has anyone cut the smaller connectors out of the liner and used the larger suction and return fittings?

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