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solar attic heating

Postby jts » Sun 18 May, 2008 07:19

Do not use the flow reversal system as recommended by the company. It is in direct violation of Ansi/APSP7 standard with deals the entrapment in swimming pool drains. It also violates the new Federal regulation for swimming pool safey. The theory of the solar attic system is good.



Postby Guest » Mon 19 May, 2008 11:13

Question: if reversing the flow is illegal and violates regulations does that mean my pop up caretaker pool cleaning system is in violation too? It does the same thing as a flow reversal. My pool water is circulated and rotated at the bottom of my pool from my pop up jets.

Solar attic

Postby Rbergeron » Tue 27 May, 2008 15:43

Installed mine 3 yrs ago ... I open the pool in mid May at 45 degrees water ... we get 70 degrees by June 1, 80 degree water by June 15, have 85-90 degree water till Sept then it drops to 80 till Sept 10, then to 75 by Sept 20 ... [And, that is what we get] IN MAINE!

Solar Attic

Postby Slimbow » Tue 12 Aug, 2008 15:02

I purchased the PCS2 from SolarAttic. It is a great heater my only complaint is that I couldn't find an installer so I had to get some friends together for the installation.

My pool has never been warmer today my pool reads at 91 degrees so I recommend the pool heater but make sure you have an installer!!!!!

Solar atic pool heater

Postby stafftech » Fri 19 Sep, 2008 17:33

Can anyone provide an estimated price for this?

Solar attic

Postby TheSwimmer » Thu 22 Jan, 2009 00:21

I'm curious about any additional experiences with the SolarAttic heater that people would care to offer. I'm especially curious about what states or provinces are appropriate and any additional information about installation experiences.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm new here
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Solar attic pool heater

Postby snjsteve » Tue 17 Mar, 2009 17:34

Who installed your 'solar attic' and what part of Jersey are you in?

Steve (Brick,NJ)
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Postby Larry » Wed 18 Mar, 2009 05:14

To determine how efficient the Solar Attic would be for your pool, take a look at the Solar Attic criteria.
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I'm new here
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Solar attic pool heater

Postby ordpete944 » Tue 24 Mar, 2009 12:33

I have tried twice to get info from the manufacturer on the solar attic. They never reply. I would like to know how they cost since they dont post their prices on the website.

Solar attic pool heater

Postby enaid » Thu 26 Mar, 2009 14:06

Can you use the solar attic system with an above ground pool? I have a 33ft. round and this sounds like a great option over the panels.

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