solar attic pool heater

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Solar attic pool heater

Postby greggpica » Mon 13 Apr, 2009 13:37

I got mine through last spring. I personally love the product and am even thinking of trying to become a distributor for it and sell it to the homeowners that I do renovations for. Not only does it heat my pool, my attic isn't even hot anymore.

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Solar attic pool heater

Postby BearHotTubs » Tue 21 Apr, 2009 14:02

I've downloaded all the information of the solar attic system for possible commercial use heating pools in mobile home parks, extracting the heat from the large clubhouse attics. I have discussed the project with the company CEO and We will do more research on units being used in a commercial application. The savings of bottom line $$$ is most important to park owners, but I like the fact of saving our natural resources or the "Green Factor"

Solar attic pool heater

Postby Frank » Mon 08 Jun, 2009 10:43

Hi ;

I live in New Jersey also and have a similar home. I was wondering if you could share your contractor information with me?


solar attic pool heater

Postby Shadow » Tue 11 Aug, 2009 18:08

I've used the Solar Attic for several years In the NY metro area on an 18x36 inground pool that gets no more than 2 hours of direct sun all day long. With attic temperatures averaging 105 it heats the pool 2 degrees per day while dropping the attic temperature about 10 degrees. Gets the pool up to 78-80 or about 10 degrees warmer than previous. By comparison, neighbor's pool in direct sun all day long reaches 82-84. The fan can be heard running while the unit is active, but is not objectionable. Using the automated Goldline 235 series controller it can also be used by those in hotter climates to cool the pool during the evening - while the attic is cooler than the pool.

solar attic pool heater

Postby patrickspools » Wed 07 Oct, 2009 09:51

I am a dealer for them. Its a good product. I actually own long island solar pools and it looks like I sold a unit to Greg from a few posts back. I don't think they would heat a commercial pool very well unless the pool was the size of a residential. Anything bigger than a 20 x 40 and I won't do the install without either heating from the bottom or using a solar blanket.

I wanted to comment about this last post by shadow. He may possibly have the pcs2 installed in his attic. The fans on the new PCS3 are MUCH quiter than the pcs2s and really can't be heard from the rest of the house. The installation is also easier because we no longer have to mount using chains since the units don't vibrate at all.
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Solar attic pool heater

Postby Pool Clown » Wed 07 Oct, 2009 17:34

So Patrick, How much do one of these babies cost?
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solar attic pool heater

Postby lt1z350 » Mon 25 Apr, 2011 11:55

they run over 3400 bucks so not an option for most.

solar attic pool heater

Postby Guest » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 20:29

Hi itiz350! Have you checked this guide to swimming pool heaters at

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