Solar cover warranties?

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Solar cover warranties?

Postby MiamiSpartan » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 13:53

Are the warranties on solar covers worth the paper that they're printed on? I've seen lots of people mention how their covers fall apart after just a couple of years. But when researching these, I see covers with warranties up to 10 years, and I don't remember anyone really responding with this as an option to those whose have torn apart (some mention thicker covers, but I don't remember them mentioning warranties that last so long? So does anyone know if those warranties are legit, or do they throw in qualifications that say that it does not cover damage caused by chlorine, the sun, etc.? With all the people who say theirs have worn out in a couple of years, I almost feel that the covers with longer warranties seem to be too simple of a solution.

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