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Erica in Arizona

Green pool

Postby Erica in Arizona » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 17:01

I just moved into a house on feb. 2 and my pool turned green a week and a half later

I just moved and didnt have the money so i left it so its been green for two weeks now but it's thick and green i dont know what to do i'm taking a sample to leslies to day but reading all your Q and A's it sounds like i should just drain the pool and start over.

what should i do?

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Green pool help

Postby Larry » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 17:37

After such a short period, it will not be necessary to drain the pool. Adjust the pH to around 7.2 and then shock the water with chlorine.

A clarifier or flocculant may help speed things up.

Read some of the posts on these forums for more useful advice. Try this thread or this one for starters.

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