Free Used Pool - Is anything ever really free???

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Free Used Pool - Is anything ever really free???

Postby flyingbeagle71 » Mon 25 Feb, 2008 11:22

I'll start by saying the closest thing to a pool that I've owned is a 12' inflatable ring jobby. The kind you throw away each year after the swimming season is done.

Now I've been offered a "free" used pool, all I have to do is disassemble it and move it to my house...

Problem is, the pump may not be working and the wall has partially collapsed.

Pics of the pool can be found at the following page:

A few questions...

1. Is this pool salvagable?
2. What costs would I be looking at?
3. Advice on how to disassemble and rebuild?

Thanks in advance...

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