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Swimming pool maintenance

Postby Robozo » Wed 27 Feb, 2008 22:10


Researching the net I found company called Zodiac that sells pool related products (pools, pool cleaners, etc...)

Does anyone have experience with their products?




Zodiac warning

Postby Davey » Thu 28 Feb, 2008 10:38

Not only are the zodiac products terribly expensive, spare parts are hard to get and service is extremely bad or non-existent.

Do not buy zodiac in Australia! You will regret it.

Postby muss51 » Fri 07 Mar, 2008 21:28

I dont have experience with the Zodiac brand name products but Zodiac now owns Polaris which makes the best auto pool cleaners and will soon be merging with Jandy who also makes great products. Pentair has a new pump that saves anywhere from 20-90% of the cost of running most other pumps. If you are looking for a heater I would recommend Raypac.

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