3M Color Quartz Plaster - Start-Up

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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3M Color Quartz Plaster - Start-Up

Postby 2lkmead » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 11:43

Yesterday, we just had our pool replastered with the 3M Color Quartz plaster.... The pool is in the process of filling as I type.

My question is the start-up. In the basic instructions I received, it indicated to add acid at a ratio of 1 gal to 4,000 gallons of water. This would equal 6-7 gallons of acid.

I am assuming that using this much acid creates an "in-pool" acid bath to clean away the surface plaster from the crystals.... Is this correct.

Should I add chlorine at the same time or wait until the surface brushing is complete? Thanks!


3M Color Quartz Plaster

Postby Tonto » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 15:53

acid creates an "in-pool" acid bath to clean away the surface plaster


Add chlorine as early as possible to prevent any potential algea problems. Don't mix the chlorine with the acid. After adding the acid wait a couple hours and then shock the swimming pool with the chlorine.


Postby HJFORD » Fri 26 May, 2006 19:12

Help! Does anone have the start up instructions from 3m for colorquartz plaster. Our pool was plastered today and filling up now. The pool maintance man is comming tomorrow and wanted the maufacturer's instructions for the initial acid wash and thereafter.

3M Color Quartz Plaster - Start-Up

Postby jmmlemestre » Mon 23 Jul, 2012 08:30

i am having my pool done today in the 3m quartz finish. what did you find out about the start up process . Any helpfull tips, what works and what did you learn along the way
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3M Color Quartz Plaster - Start-Up

Postby czechmate » Mon 23 Jul, 2012 10:18

I am assuming that the plaster installed is crushed , colored quartz based product similar to DiamondBrite mixed with a white portland media.
I had mine done 3 years ago. Initiaally I was reluctant to proceed with the acid wash procedure but I am very happy that I listened.
Here it is.
Filled with 2 hoses to shorten the time and limit the hairline cracks as much as possible.
After the fill with the pump running I added 7 gallons of muratic acid to 16x32 pool with the pump running.
Now this part, to engage the pump I did against the advice.
I figured the the pump brass housing with that ppm acid solution in 22 000gal of water may be OK.
IT WAS!! Impeller is plastic anyway and I have used the pool magnet immediately after the fill anyway, so there was little chance of any cooper from that.
(I was willing to buy a new pump in order to ensure nice and even wash with the acid solution. I did not have to.)
The only thing I modified was instead of 7 days recommended I let it circulate only 5days!
It turned out to be perfect.
The only thing I could have done better, was that instead of neutralizing the acid by adding baking soda, I should have used Borax from Wallmart!!
That would raise the PH just as well and introduce the borates in the water, which is a marvelous thing to have and this way it is a lot cheaper and simpler!
I later added Boric acid anyway, since the borates are a plus in many ways to have in pool water, from the shimmering effect of the surface, to feel of water, to PH better stability and help to limit the algae start.

Good luck!!

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