tiny holes in my pool

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tiny holes in my pool

Postby scastro » Sun 02 Mar, 2008 10:51

We have had our pool for almost two years. We have had a some difficulties with the levels , but a few months ago we notices tiny black spots around the pool. When we would shock it, they wouldn't go away and when we were swimming I felt them and they were tiny holes. There was a definite indintation. It was like a *spamm* burn. Can you help me?

Daniel mc Daid
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Pool Enthusiast
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Postby Daniel mc Daid » Tue 18 Mar, 2008 15:35

Hey there
You really need to go back to the people that installed your pool there is nothing in your water that could eat through your pool like that. If there was an imbalance in your water treatment that was doing that you would know as soon as you steped into it.
Check with your supplier and if you want get back to me an il try and give you some more advice on what they said

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