Solar Heater do it yourself Recommendations

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Solar Heater do it yourself Recommendations

Postby Dowitsch » Mon 03 Mar, 2008 21:36

I am very new to the pool arena and had a 20x36 inground installed last year. With it came a gas heater but with the cost of gas now days I am scared of the cost to heat the pool. I am looking into solar heaters. What I am looking to do is have the basic plumbing done by my pool installer since they do not actually sell solar heaters. I am pretty handy and was going to install the rest myself. I was hoping for recommendations on the best brand the others would reommend. To add to it I am in upstate NY. ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Solar pool heater

Postby SunnyDay » Tue 04 Mar, 2008 11:07

Dowitsch, check out sunstream usa located in Southampton, NY they are a division of J. Tortorella pools a prestige pool builder. They carry a full line of quality solar pool heaters.

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