how do you add chlorine

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how do you add chlorine

Postby mspool » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 12:37

How does everyone add their chlorine to the pool? a pool professional told me to add the chlorine - calcium hypochlorite granules- to the skimmer. when I did that the pool remained cloudy for several days. then he told me to add the chlorine directly into the pool. said something about because it is fiberglass pool wouldn't harm it. so I did that and still cloudy for several days. now I just want to know what is the normal standard way to add chlorine to the pool.

algea fiend

add pool chlorine

Postby algea fiend » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 14:44

If the water is hard (calcium hardness >400ppm), think about switching to liquid chlorine.

When using cal hypo try dissolving it in a bucket of water and pouring it around the pool. The predissolved chlorine will distribute more evenly and quickly, and shouldn't leave the water cloudy after 12-24 hrs.


Postby mspool » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 17:31

thanks will try. also how long before people can swim after you add the chlorine and soda ash?

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