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New owner- Help

Postby Carrie » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 14:37

I need to know what to do about my pool. It is above ground pool. I put a chlorine tablet in my skimmer like the directions said and my water turned a clear green. Then i shocked it it is still green. The ph was a little high so i put ph minus in it by directions. It has been 4 hrs and it is still green. I tested it again now the chlorine level is to low. Am i supposed to shock it again.I need to know whats going on. Do i have metals or something in my water i used well water. Help if you can.

Thanks Carrie

Pool Helper

Green clear water

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 15:04

If the chlorine is low shock the pool again.

From what you describe, you have a problem of copper (or a slight chance of iron). Have the pool water tested for copper and if positive use a metal-out product to control the copper.

Also try to find the source of the copper if it's not coming in with the fill water, though I would assume it is - the forum is for new swimming pool owners.
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I'm new here
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Postby shyr » Fri 19 May, 2006 12:48

Shock the pool. This means super chlorinating the water to kill off any bacteria and algae. If your pool is very dirty, it may need MANY gallons of liquid chlorine (shock) over a period of days before the water clears.

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