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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Heat Pumps - Solar Pills. - Help Needed Please!

Postby Speakersrock » Thu 20 Mar, 2008 01:59

Hi there,
This is my first post in this forum. (Liking it very much by the way! )

I need a little bit of guidance with heating my pool please.
I am sure you have seen it, had it, heard it, over and over here and on similar forums. But I have done a lot of researching, and now need a first hand, un-bias opinion!

I am and have been fairly interested in pools, and have just started doing a qualification for pool plant operator. However I need a bit of guidance as I have not had a huge amount of experience with the heating side of things, and don't really know the do's and dont's.

I have a 9kw electric heater on my 15ft circular pool. Plus a Suncell solar panel which is just attached the the out lines from the pool filtration. I have not had ,much success with this so far, (I guess because its not hot enough for something like that here in the south of the UK, plus I only have one panel, whereas I think I need something like 1 1/2 - 2 to fill my surface area.

The heater seams to not do very much besides cost me the earth. - and I haven't got the earth to spend! - Plus I don't like how un-eco it is.

I have now been looking into a proper evacuated tube solar panel, or a heat pump.

I now have a fair amount of solar panels, so perhaps lets out that out the picture for now.
Regarding heat pumps, how effective are they? would they be recommended for a place with my climate (UK)?
I believe they operate the same way as air conditioners, so they are noisy? They are to be placed outside?

What equipment besides the heat pump itself is needed? and how much work is there involved in installing it? (preferably, I would like to do that bit!)

Thirdly, and lastly, which researching heat pumps, I found this, the solar pill (same as the solar fish i guess);

I don't know if anyone knows about this? But I would like a bit of advise with that too!
Basically, I don't believe it works, does it? and would it in my climate?
Can you see it really? and are there any side effects/dangers to the pool itself our people?

Any advise on any/all of these factors would really be much appreciated.
Many thanks.



Postby user2008 » Thu 20 Mar, 2008 09:35

Try The Circulator you can google them

Postby Guest » Thu 20 Mar, 2008 11:12

Thank you for that Looks like a good product. I may buy one sometime, But doesn't it spash up over the pool's edge?

Any other sugestions or advise would really be apreacited. Thanks.

Postby Guest » Fri 21 Mar, 2008 15:50

Hi, Can you get a thing like Circulator, or the same thing, but that only does 180 degrees tuen rather than a full circle?

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