pool collapsed deck is built entirely around it

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pool collapsed deck is built entirely around it

Postby levyjd » Mon 24 Mar, 2008 12:09

I have a 15 x 24 oval above ground pool that is surrounded entirely by a deck. Due to ice and weather and age the pools one side collapsed. How do we install another pool without destroying our entire deck.


Postby Guest » Sun 06 Apr, 2008 11:53

Very methodically.

You WILL need at least a couple people under the deck and a couple in the pool...
New pool has to be exactly the same size as the other...
Has to be perfectly level and plumb... I mean perfect!
Lots of swearing...
Bring Beer...........
And POP... Pool Owner Patience.

And pop if you don't drink beer.

On a score of 1-10, I'd give this an 8 in difficulty if I were doing it.

Does the edge of the deck go over the top rail or is it underneath top rail? If it's over, you have to cut it back to gain access.

Good luck and keep us updated! 8)

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