AG Pool- which is best, foam or sand?

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AG Pool- which is best, foam or sand?

Postby laurab » Fri 28 Mar, 2008 16:53

We are considering an AG pool here in the next couple of months. Now I have heard that some use a foam underlay under the liner and some use sand. Which is best?

The dealer that uses the foam says its best because of nut grass can't grow through the liner. And that after a few years the sand will wash away. If there already a liner laid down with thousands of gallons of water on top, I wouldn't think anything would grow through it. Also our yard is pretty level. Would just need a minimal amount of leveling where we plan on installing the pool.

The dealer who uses the sand says the sand is the best because the foam gets mildew and will come through the liner.

Who's telling the truth and which is the best???


Postby Guest » Fri 28 Mar, 2008 17:21

Just my opinion here and that's all...

I've done sand and I'm currently using the floor pad and I like the floor pad better. I have no foot prints in my bottom either and I think it's because of the pad.

As for the nut-grass, if you have it, it would probly grow up through the liner with the water still in it. I don't have nut-grass so I truely don't know for sure but it could be possible. Google it and see what comes up. As for sand washing out, I'm sure if I got a hole on my floor, the water leaking through the pad would still wash away at the sand... again, still possible.

As for guy #2. Who knows. I'm sure he likes what he likes and it's a little less work for him... but mildew? If I run into that, I'll switch my liner out but I don't anticipate a problem like that.

I even got the wall foam and coves. 8)

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