Pool Wizard in filter or hair screen

The Pool Wizard, Nature2, the Frog and other mineral systems for
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Pool Wizard in filter or hair screen

Postby Walter-old fart » Sat 29 Mar, 2008 18:11

We use a Haward Navagator all the time, this by-passes the skimmer in our pool. Can the Wizard be placed in the void around the filter elements in the filter body or in the hair screen body in front of the pump? Will this negate the effectiveness of the chemical reaction or overtax the unit? Where than do you suggest to install the unit?

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Pool Wizard unit

Postby Larry » Fri 18 Apr, 2008 01:22

The most efficient place for the Unit is "in the hair screen body in front of the pump". Being in the pre-filter basket allows maximum water flow through the electrode and maximizes the rejuvenation process.

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