No suction

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No suction

Postby troubled » Sat 29 Mar, 2008 22:59

I have a fiberglass pool. I think it was plumb weird when installed. Didn't have suction so called to have the line blown clear after I had tried the usual tactics. Worked that eve. Son cleaned the pool with leaf master.
Now no suction. Tried everything. Also jets are a problem
Where the on off knobs for jets are on deck water pours out when I turn them on. The jets are my return air and jets are brittle from chemical imbalance. Trying to take all jet faces off and check for blockage.

Hate to have a seperate service call. Usually have great suction with kreepy krauly no suction at all now. Frustrating.


Postby Guest » Fri 04 Apr, 2008 09:03

Sounds like son plugged your pump impeller causing a loss of suction, then resorted to using the leafmaster to clean the pool of debris. If your the handy type and know what a pump impeller is you might try to use needle-nose pliers to check for and remove any debris from the impeller.
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Postby mr_clean » Fri 04 Apr, 2008 14:30

you can check if impeller is clogged with debris by taking off pump lid & remove pump basket. Then take your finger or small screw driver & put it down into small hole at the bottom going toward pump. You will feel impeller which should turn easy & will feel debris when turning it. In some cases if there is alot you may need to remove motor from back of pump & pull impeller out to get to debris that have built up but would just try checking & seeing if the easy way works first.

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