what pump do i need

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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what pump do i need

Postby jacoviii » Sat 29 Mar, 2008 23:37

hi i have a 18' x 36' pool in gound
sand filter for now
1.5" pipe
7 returns

needs to be power friendly
north star 1hp
superpump II 1hp {1 or 2 speed}
Whisper-Flo {1 or 2 speed}

no pump on the pool when i got the house

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Swimming Pool Pro
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Postby Walter » Wed 02 Apr, 2008 18:01

super pump 1 speed unless you are really wanting to monitor energy usage but only in CA is really needed and is great to work on.

Whisper flow 1 speed is a great quite pump and not bad to work on
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Postby Guest » Thu 03 Apr, 2008 14:33

As the Service Manager for a big city(5 Million) pool and spa sales and service company, I would only consider 2 models. The pumps mentioned above are fine for most, but they all have small baskets which will fill with debris quickly. If it's my backyard, I'd consider the Jandy "Stealth" model or A Jacuzzi Magnum Force model. 1 h.p. as a bare minumum. Consider a 1.5 h.p. model if your pool has 2 skimmers. Both of these pumps have very large baskets and will make your life easier. Trust me, this is a big consideration. Good luck with your shopping.

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