how long before i can use my sweeper...

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how long before i can use my sweeper...

Postby Guest » Sun 30 Mar, 2008 01:32

Built my own pool by subing out the trades and i plastered 9 days ago. how long before i can use a hayward sweeper without hurting the curing plaster. the color is tahoe blue. i'm still seeping dust off the bottom.

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how long before i can use my sweeper

Postby geeman » Sun 30 Mar, 2008 16:47

we usually advise our customers to wait about 2 weeks. just be sure to turn off the sweeper before adding chemicals. pre-dilute all chemicals in a bucket of pool water before broadcasting with the filter running, then brush the pool (yes, by hand the old school way) before putting the sweeper back in. this procedure will prevent "wheel marks".

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