Pool Keeps Filling Up

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Pool Keeps Filling Up

Postby Dave » Mon 31 Mar, 2008 09:30

We have inground pool. The water level keeps getting higher to the point that water overflows out of the pool. I have checked the inlet line used to add water and it is off. How else may water enter a pool.

We have a neighbor who keeps sprinklers on far too long. Sometimes the water overflows from their yard into ours. Can water ENTER a pool through the overflow drains?

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Postby Walter » Wed 02 Apr, 2008 17:55

they only way water can enter thru over flow drains is if the end of the drain hose was higher then the drain itself so then water would go in but I find this very hard to happen, I think you might have a bad valve on your shut off for your auto fill, shut the water off to the autofill completely ahead of the source and see what happens, is has to be coming from your auto fill. Good Luck
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Postby LadyV » Sat 05 Apr, 2008 22:02

You said your neighbor keeps sprinklers on too long well that very well could be the problem. When there is too much rain, your pool will encounter a high water level and go to your pool like a well. If you have a sand based pool with liner then this could be the problem. I hate to think you would have to consult your neighbor and cause friction, speak with someone about digging an alternate area the water can go instead of the pool. :wink:

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