My dolphin died

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My dolphin died

Postby niner49 » Wed 02 Apr, 2008 12:02

Hi Everyone, first post and thanks to a search found this site! looks like some good stuff here!

I only wish I had found this site before I bought my Dolphin! actually thats not fair because until Saturday I LOVED my Dolphin! This is my first in ground pool, I built it, and service it, after having a polaris cleaner for a few months I found the Dolphin on sale and took a chance, it worked good until Saturday and just Died!

I guess its all or nothing with these things huh? my unit was running but stuck on the drain(like always) so I gave it tug and it just stopped? tried to reset it, unplug it, dry out, tapped it, hit it, then threw it(just kidding) I tried to run it with new bags, and even without bags and still nothing!

The power supply is fine, output voltage to the unit is 37V but nothing moves is there any type of reset for this machine? or is my circuit board fried?

John :cry:

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