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Postby annette » Wed 02 Apr, 2008 14:13

does anybody have input on the product no mor problems it is used as an algecide

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Postby chem geek » Wed 02 Apr, 2008 17:56

I presume you mean the product described here. According to the EPA registration for this product, 45337-11, its active ingredient is 41.4% Sodium Bromide. The balance of the product is identified as inert ingredients, though this may just be inert in terms of the pesticide registration (i.e. it can still be a form of clarifier or enzyme).

If the product is truly sodium bromide, then in a chlorine pool this will result in creation of bromine which is normally used as an algaecide, particularly for yellow/mustard algae. Yellow Treat, which is another United Chemical product, contains 88.8% sodium bromide.

I have a feeling that the product contains enzymes which would explain why chlorine levels will drop initially (the chlorine that converts bromide to bromine will still get measured in chlorine tests) since enzymes speed up breakdown of organics and chlorine will be the primary oxidizer doing that. Eventually, when organics are oxidized, the chlorine loss will stop.

I have not used the product so cannot comment on its effectiveness. As for algae prevention, maintaining a Free Chlorine (FC) level that is no lower than 7.5% of the Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level is the least expensive approach, but requires diligence (so target 10% for safety). Other alternatives for preventing algae include PolyQuat 60 algaecide and phosphate removers. For water clarity, chlorine alone is usually sufficient unless there is higher bather load or excess organics getting dumped in the pool (e.g. pollen, leaves, etc.) in which case one can use non-chlorine shock (MPS) or a separate enzyme product.


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