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Water Behind Liner

Postby Premium » Sun 06 Apr, 2008 17:28

Perhaps someone can assist here.

Last spring, I removed the winter cover just to notice that water has gathered behind the liner and expanded it everywhere from the walls to the floors of all areas of the pool. It was bulging about 2-3 feet on ever side. It looked as if there was more water behind the liner than inside the pool!

I called the pool service company and they drained the pool, patched a small 1/2 inch hole by the stairs and refilled the pool with the suctionbehind the walls. $1200 bill at the end of it.

Just today, I went to open the pool and I see the same problem!!! The water is settling behind the liner and it is just as bad as last year!

It doesnt make sense that the amount of water to gather behind the pool was caused by a 1/2 inch hole.

Can someone please give me some advice as I do not want to fork out another $1000 for repair this.

Any advice would be appreicated!!

Premium Dave


Water behind liner

Postby MCGreen » Tue 15 Apr, 2008 13:36

I have just posted questions on the same subject. If you have an inground pool the problem could be related to ground water seaping in from the inside of the pool. We have been told that a hydrostatic valve is a solution to the problem. If you already have a hydrostatic valve, have it checked.

The valve is placed at the base of the deepend in an inground liner pool. It allows for water from the ground to push into the poolwater thru the valve avoiding a buildup between the walls and liner.

Our contractor did not install one because he claimed that the waterpressure will keep the groundwater out. It could be that if you are reducing the water level beneath the skimmer boxes that the reduction of the pressure is allowing for the water to build up. One solution could be to have a tube installed deep & next to the pool and run a pump to keep the water from settleing at the lowest levels of the pool.

I just asked the forum if it is possible to still install a hydrostatic valve in a completed pool and I am awaiting the answer. If you don't have this valve, talk to your contractor.

Good Luck

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