Seal Plate Damage - Pentiar Whisperflo

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Seal Plate Damage - Pentiar Whisperflo

Postby YesRushGen » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 12:08

Hello, I will try to keep my post as brief as I can! I am a new pool owner as of Summer 2006. In the last year, I have learned more about pumps than my "pool schooler" ever indicated I would need to know.

All during Summer 2007, there was a slow leak at my pump which I could never identify. When I closed the pool, I decided to break apart the pump to see where the problem was. Turned out to be a bad shaft seal.

Looking at the seal plate itself, it was very obvious that the water was leaking through the center of the seal plate. The seal plate was discolored from the center on down to the "ground side" of the plate. What's more, there is physical damage to the seal plate - apparently in the form of corrosion.

As with many pumps, this pump motor attaches to the seal plate via four hex bolts. Those bolts thread into these "spined rivet nuts" that appear to be pounded into four holes that are bored into the seal plate. Well, on my seal plate, the two holes in the bottom of the seal plate have literally eroded away. The plastic material of the seal plate itself seems changed somehow into a chalky-like material - in that region where the holes are.

I looked into replacing the seal plate, but the cost of a new one is about $160. I can't sanction spending that for a seal plate when the ENTIRE pump itself runs about $400. So, I attempted to epoxy the spined nuts into the bore holes in the seal plate.

Last week it was time to reassemble the pump, and open the pool. Unfortunately, one of the epoxied nuts broke loose while I was torquing the bolts. But the other held. I now have three of four bolts tightly securing the motor to the seal plate, and the pump is actually working, albeit still with a leak. I cannot SEE where the leak is yet, but I suspect it's probably in the seal plate and due to lack of any torque on that fourth bolt.

So, there is the brief background. What do the experts recommend I do? Should I just ditch this pump and go for a replacement? If so, is there any danger in defering the replacement and letting this pump just run until it won't run anymore? Sans the leak, it is working just fine.

Or, should I attempt futher repair of the seal plate? The epoxy idea actually came from a guy at my local pool shop; I'd have never thought of it. But even he said that the damage I showed him was strange. I mean, the plastic material of the seal plate really does appear chemically altered in the area of those holes. It is chalky and brittle, and small pieces of it can be chipped away.

Any insight or advice is much appreciated, thanks,


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Postby DBServices » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 14:15

$160.00 that way to much, you are getting hosed. If you were in my area I would install it for alittle more about $175.00 including new seals. If you have to pay that price just replace it with another and keep the old one for parts.
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Postby Guest » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 14:49

Well, $159.99 was the price of the seal plate ALONE from a parts catalog in our local pool shop. I saw the price myself in the catalog, and I generally trust the people in that store. Nevertheless, it seems an insanely high price for JUST a seal plate and I'm glad I'm not alone in that opinion. (Even the guy at the store looked shocked - that's why he suggested the make-shift epoxy solution)

Maybe I should contact Pentiar directly to see if that really is the correct price? If the Seal Plate really is that expensive, would it best to just purchase a new pump?
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Postby muss08 » Wed 09 Apr, 2008 07:19

Well Pentair prices are different than what you actually pay. Pentair sells its items to a distributor or wholesaler- who then sells it the service professional or retailer (first markup) who then sells it to the consumer (second markup). $160 is expensive- i would try looking online for other prices. you can continue to use your pump if you dont mind replacing the water your keep losing- which also means you are losing CYA and CH. It will eventually die when the water gets pass the shaft seal and damages the bearings. Then you need a new pump.

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