Pricing for an inground pool.

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Pricing for an inground pool.

Postby Guest » Wed 09 Apr, 2008 13:38

What can I expect price wise for the average inground pool?

carolina pool dude

Inground pool costs

Postby carolina pool dude » Wed 16 Apr, 2008 19:31

We are wrapping up our inground pool installation. We had pricing ranging from $15K-24K for a 16 X 32 vinyl lined inground pool. Trying to compare apples to apples is tough unless you force the contractors to break out pricing. The $15-24K included the pool install, rough finish grade, pump, plumbing, sand filter and chlorinator.
Add to that:
Electrical work - budget $1600 for a panel installed with the hookups.
Concrete here is ~ $5/sq foot - you can do the math around your pool deck and easily spend $5K for standard concret. Stamped is about double that. Add a robotic cleaner - $800-1200, add a heater Natural gas $1800 + gas line extension $800, or a heat pump for ~ $3K. Other areas to watch - if you have to haul off the dirt, add ~ $80 per load in our area....assuming you can find some place to dump it. Other features such as waterfall, slide, etc - can be priced easily online. Fencing can run from $15-40 per linear foot depending on what your local area requires. So. Develop a spreadsheet. Get some quotes from local installers, ask to see their work. Put all the other items I mention in the spreadsheet and it should get you close. We had priced a concrete (gunite) pool and the starting base cost was $60K.
Kelly from AZ

pool remodal

Postby Kelly from AZ » Sat 19 Apr, 2008 13:36

Im right int he middle of a total pool remodal only thing I kept was gunite shell, pump, and filter. Make sure you get them to breakout each item down to Sq feet. Buy your self a mesuring tool with a roller on the end so you can measure it your self. Couple of guys tried to throw in 100 sq feet. in the end there will be a bunch of stuff they forgot when it comes to contract signing time. Make sure you take the contract home before you sign it go over it one more night then sign it next day. Dont get sucked into signing things. Once you sign it you can't go back. They wont be so nice after you sign. I found plaster finish's were about the same price but Deck prices were all over the place. After you sign have them give you plans the guy i have just sends out contractors and turns them loose on how they want to do it. I had to have the plumbers come back 3 times. My total cost on remodal ended up being 19k but I think I ended up getting screwed on a few things becuase when I went to sign the contract lot of things were left out then put in at the time of signing.

price for inground pool

Postby rocknstaffs » Fri 25 Jul, 2008 21:38

23500 for our 18x36 including filter, pump, electrical, 4yrd concrete on long sides and 8ft concrete on short sides. Of course, we are adding concrete...haven't gotten that far yet though...Had to pay extra $500 to have sewer line moved though:{

Re: Pricing for an inground pool.

Postby Guest » Sat 26 Jul, 2008 09:02

Anonymous wrote:What can I expect price wise for the average inground pool?
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Pricing for an inground pool.

Postby XtremelyTropical » Mon 09 Mar, 2009 11:50

Given those estimates, what is a good estimate to have it maintanenced regularly?
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