350 gal/min suction using existing Care Taker Supply Lines

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350 gal/min suction using existing Care Taker Supply Lines

Postby Guest » Thu 27 Apr, 2006 08:23

I am installing a water slide that requires 350 gal/min water supply. The pool is an existing gunite pool with Pebble Tec finish. The pump for the slide water supply is a EQ Pentair 7.5 HP. 6" inlet and 4" discharge!

My question relates to the pool suction? I am planning on replumbing the Polaris Caretaker In Floor System; so that, I am sucking water from the existing 24 - 2" lines alrready installed in the pool floor. I will be removing the pop-up heads, and I need advice on how to replace the heads with a screen type guard that will prevent small children from sticking their hands in the openning. ALso, I want to prevent hair intanglement. Each 2" openning should pull less than 10 gal/min, because I will also use the 2 skimmers and the main drain for suction supply to the slide. I'm not worried about "vacum suction entrapment" since all the 2" lines are connected, and if one line is blocked, the water will just pull slightly harder from the other 23 lines.

To complete my description of my plan, the Polaris Caretaker system has 8 zones, I plan on keeping two zone for the normal pool operation return lines, and 6 zones will be dedicated to the slide water supply. I'm not worried about the discontnued use of the Polaris, because it doesn';t work anyway. If was a waste of money!

Please help me with ideas on making the 2" suction lines safe! Also, what is the maximum water I can draw from the skimmers and the main drain. The skimmers have 2" lines and the main drain has two drains connected together and run back to the pump with a 2" line. Perhaps I can pull 350 gal/min from only these lines????


Snowy White

Suction line

Postby Snowy White » Thu 27 Apr, 2006 15:29

You will be able to pull 350gal/min through three 2" pipes.

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