How do I do the total alkalinity test?

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How do I do the total alkalinity test?

Postby Roxanne » Tue 15 Apr, 2008 00:16

I misplaced the card that came with my All-clear 4 in 1 test kit and I can't figure out how to perform the test for total alkalinity. Can someone please tell me if this is the proper way to do it?

This is what my local pool-store supply vendor said to do:
1. add 1 drop of chlorine neutralizer to sample (solution #4). Mix it.
2. add 2 drops of solution #5 (total alkalinity). mix it.
3. add 1 drop at a time of solution #3 (acid demand and total alk), mixing well between each drop.

The sample at first turned light blue when I put the #5 in there. It took 15 drops of #3 to get the sample to turn clear.

Did I do the test right and what does that mean? I couldn't really get an answer from the guy at the pool store. Bad cell connection and limited English skills got in our way.

My pool is plaster, 25,000 gallons and I JUST refilled it. The sample water is basically Los Angeles tap water.

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Postby all4him » Wed 16 Apr, 2008 13:12

go buy another kit

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