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Postby atticus » Tue 15 Apr, 2008 14:39

Help!! Have irregular shaped pool with waterfall, 20x30. Have had yellow ick on the floor of the pool ever since I shocked it and used clarifier in it. Can't brush it out, recirculates in water and settles again! Do I have to drain my pool? I have a aqua bot robotic vacunm, can't use skimmer to vacunm pool Help!



Postby barbers » Fri 07 Sep, 2012 19:39

I have the same issue, We used well water with a filter on it and then used an algae remover and then also shocked it and put a chlorine tablet in there. All levels look fine, except that the bottom is yellow which makes the pool looks bad. Let me know if you ever figured anything out. :)
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Postby PhD43 » Wed 27 Mar, 2013 17:02

I had constant problems with algae and my pool store suggested that I purchase the circulator. He said because of the power of the circulator, it would be very hard for algae to stick to the walls and floor of my pool. I have not had a problem with algae for years now. I replaced all my fixed wall returns with the circulators and my pool came alive and looks sparkling clean. What a difference it made in my pool. I don't fight with algae anymore. It is a low cost item and a great investment if you want to have more fun in your pool and not the hassles. :thumbup:

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