Can't figure out hose connections

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Can't figure out hose connections

Postby albinosquirrel » Tue 15 Apr, 2008 15:59

Hi, I recently moved into a house with an above-ground pool. I've never had a pool before, so I don't know much about it. I was trying to connect all the hoses from the pool to the pump/filter, heater, and back to the pool. But the fitting that looks like it should be for water coming back into the pool doesn't look like a normal hose attaches to it.

I've looked at all the hoses and everything the previous owner left behind for the pool, and can't find anything that can hook up to this opening. I'm attaching some pictures of it so you can see. Can anyone help me with this? Is there some special kind of hose or adapter I need to hook up to this? Or am I hooking things up completely wrong?


The hose I have hooked up in the bottom of that picture is where I assume water comes out of the pool, but it could also come out the opening that the skimmer empties out into, but it seemed like that should be just for overflowing water or something. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Postby dakeith » Sun 20 Apr, 2008 10:39

looks like that is where is the light goes in and the water comes in from the bottom of the fixture. as for how everything should hook up, come from the skimmer of the pool to the pump where the skimmer is on the pump, then from the pump to the filter and then from the filter to the heater and then back to the pool. i am sure if i am wrong these guys here will tell us right

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