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Postby shonda » Mon 21 Apr, 2008 11:40

my cl was high but now is .5 light yellow....

my ph is down to 7.2

my water is clear to cloudy can see second step well

my ta is bounced in the past week from 80 to 300 to right now 230

what do I do first....

add acid? liquid ma poured into deep end?
what about the ph going down below soda ash 7.2 do I add bicarb after I add the acid? God help me....then what?

thanks....to all the pool angels!

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Postby chem geek » Mon 21 Apr, 2008 12:38

There is no way the TA bounced from 80 to 300 to 230 unless Alkalinity Up (sodium bicarbonate; baking soda) was added to the water. This sounds like a measurement problem. Get yourself a good test kit, the Taylor K-2006 which you can get at a good price online here or the TF100 test kit from tftestkit(dot)com here. The latter has 36% more volume of reagents so is comparably priced to the first link per test.

First thing to do is to add more chlorine to the water (chlorinating liquid or unscented bleach) as your water is probably turning cloudy due to algae growth. Do not add any acid since your pH is already low. I doubt that your TA is really as high as you say since the pH would likely be rising in that case.

What kind of chlorine are you using? Are you using Trichlor pucks/tabs in a floating feeder or inline chlorinator? The low pH would usually indicate using that sort of chlorine which will not only add chlorine, but also Cyanuric Acid (CYA) to the water. Again, get a good test kit and a full set of numbers since we can't know how much chlorine you will need or what to do next until we know your pool's CYA level. If it's extraordinarily high, then a partial drain/refill will be needed. Otherwise, a higher chlorine level will suffice.


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