took out freeze plugs and all the crap turned it on but ...

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took out freeze plugs and all the crap turned it on but ...

Postby noitall...notpools » Thu 17 Apr, 2008 19:38

I've never opened a pool

I can build 12 million dollar houses but don't know squat about pools

what is the process for opening the pool

I got all the leaves and crud out and getsuction at the shallow end skimmer

I don't know what position the valves should be in either

I put a new gauge on at the filter but it shows no pressure

the front skimmer works fine and the basket at the filter is clear

the three nozzles at the top shoot a good amount of water out

the drain at the bottom of the deep end doesn't seem to be pulling anything in

somebody teach me...please

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Postby muss08 » Sat 19 Apr, 2008 17:44

I'd be glad to help but I need to know- gallonage, equipment (filter, pumps, heater?, chlorine feeder or salt chlorine generator, etc.), what kind of pool (plaster, vinyl lined, fiberglass, painted) and a complete list of your chemistry (free chlorine, combined chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid). How many pipes are coming out of the ground that are connected to the front of the pump, do they have valves, and are the marked? These lines that connect to your skimmers and main drain are your suction side plumbing. The pipe that comes out of the top of your pump and goes to all your other equipment then back to the returns is your pressure side plumbing. Are there multiple pipes running into the ground on this side and are they marked? Do you have chemicals? If not most can be bought from the grocery store and home depot or lowes. You need chlorine (you can use bleach), baking powder (adjusts TA- regular arm and hammer), muriatic acid (liquid- go to home depot or lowes) and cyanuric acid (granular- same places). What condition is your water in? Clear, hazy, blue, green? First thing is to get alot of chlorine in the pool- kill any bacteria or algae. Get a test kit. Taylor K 2006 is what I use. Is very accurate and reliable. I'd stay away from test strips- results vary greatly (good for a ballpark figure but not much else). If you can get me this information and get back to me i'll be glad to advise you further.
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