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pump/rain question

Postby mmm6075 » Fri 28 Apr, 2006 15:09

I just bought an above ground pool with a Waterco sand filter/pump combo. Here lately we have had some rain, and will have it over the next week or so. My question is, can the pump get wet in the rain without getting damaged? I know you don't want it to be where it floods of course, but can the pump be operated normally while it is raining? Will rain harm the pump in any way?

Any help appreciated.


Pool Help

Pool pump and rain

Postby Pool Help » Sat 29 Apr, 2006 04:46

You should keep the pump dry and out of the rain.

Rain that is allowed to fall on the pump can get into the motor and cause a short circuit, burning out the motor in the process. Cover the pump and never allow water to fall on it from above.

Postby Guest » Mon 01 May, 2006 22:51

I got this from Waterco today:

"The motors that we use are rated and built to stay out and even run in the rain. There is no need to bring the pump in out of the rain."

So I guess it's ok.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby carusoswi » Sun 28 May, 2006 17:28

The advice that the motor is made to withstand rain is correct. Covering a pump will not prolong its life and may, in fact, cause it to fail prematurely. The cover can trap moisture and hold it in proximity to the pump which, when the pump is not running, could cause moving parts to corrode. Do not cover your pump.

I used to disconnect my motors and bring them inside every fall. After several failures (not related to whether or not I brought them in), I decided that (1 except for the expense, replacing a motor was not catastrophic - and, compred with all the money I spent dumping chemicals into the water and buying propane, etc, the cost of a new motor every four or five years was not that big of a deal and 2) connecting/disconnecting was just too much hassle.

Since I started leaving them out over the winter, I haven't had a single failure - not a gasket, not a seal, bearing, burn-out, nada.

Leave your pump exposed - it will thrive.


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