Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

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Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

Postby Eneste » Sun 20 Apr, 2008 12:45

My heater system will not spark to start the gas flow and ignite gas. What would be the first thing to check?


Postby Guest » Wed 23 Apr, 2008 14:33

Check to see if aquastat is calling for heat, power to heater? Water flow.

Postby Guest » Sat 06 Sep, 2008 21:03

My Laars Lite 2 is the one with a pilot light, but the problem may be the same. Mine worked fine the first year. It turned on every time I pushed the switch. Always after that, the push on connectors for the pressure switch, overheat switch and who knows what other "safety devices" corroded and I had to keep going through them wiggling them to get it going. I tried contact cleaner, but it didn't help. This is the 4th season and the heat exchanger startted leaking. It is not repairable and I am not about to pu $900 in this wothless poorly designed thing. Hope you have better luck than I have.

Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

Postby Guest » Sat 14 Mar, 2009 01:09

replace the ignite
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Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

Postby Me... » Sat 14 Mar, 2009 02:18

Laars is my least favorite heater. But what you describe probably isn't the heater but the fact it is a millivolt heater.

The pilot flame heats the pilot generator and creates 750 (3/4 volt) millivolts. In the real world its about 500-600. The flame needs to burn clean and hot to do that and of course the generator doesn't last forever. Over time the pilot orifice gets dirty and the flames dies off some, it can be cleaned usually. The generator has that flame on it 24/7 for a long time and eventually can't generate the juice anymore.

Of the maybe 600 millivolts that get generated, about half that is used simply to keep the pilot valve open. So you have about 300 millivolts to actually go through all the wiring and controls and open the gas valve. If you used most of that the pilot would just shut down and the heater would not work. If the flame is not good, the generator weak, the wiring loose or corroded even a little there is a good chance the little voltage there is will not be enough to open the gas valve.

Hence the reason electronic ignition and 24 volt systems are so nice. They will push the juice through no matter what.

As for the heat exchanger, it would fail right away if it was faulty and last for 10 years if the chemistry was maintained nicely.

OMG! That might be the first time I may have been interpreted as defending a Laars heater. :mrgreen:
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Heat Exchanger Leaks

Postby Pool User in Illinois » Fri 19 Jun, 2009 15:44

Believe it or not, when our Laars Lite 2 pool heater, heat exchange unit, began leaking we were not about to pay $900 to replace it either -- we took it apart and went to a radiator shop and had it repaired. The heat exchanger is similar to a radioator, it cost around $120 to have it fixed -- and it is still ok after 3 seasons.

Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

Postby kso » Fri 17 Jul, 2009 11:21

my laars lite 2,has same issue !! i don't have manual , is the Pilot generator same as thermocoupler? is aqua stat hooked to pressure sensors??

Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

Postby jbright » Tue 16 Aug, 2011 09:59

my laars lite 2 pilot light is on but the burners wont fire. thinking that it is the gas control valve? all connections look good. what do u think?
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I'm new here
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Re: Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

Postby Poolontheblink » Sat 23 Jul, 2016 12:03

Am new to the forum....I have a laars lite gas heater - about 16 years old. Problem with it is as follows: With the pilot light on, I switch the heater on at the rocker. It starts up for about 10 seconds then cuts out - blows the main burners and the pilot light out. I have replaced the pilot thermocouple and the thermopile. I have checked the water pressure switch and have even bypassed the pressure switch and the thermometer and it still does the same. This is leading me to think that its likely to be a problem with the gas valve itself...costly :thumbdown: :crazy:. Anyone got any ideas before I call in a pool guy ? many thanks
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Re: Laars Lite 2 won't light burner

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 23 Jul, 2016 13:05

Call a gas central heating service engineer, he would know what the problem is

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