Spash-A-Round Soft side pool liner flaking HELP! needed

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Tina Kush

Spash-A-Round Soft side pool liner flaking HELP! needed

Postby Tina Kush » Sun 20 Apr, 2008 13:35

Hi, I have a Splash-A-Round pool. The store we purchased the pool from is now closed. Prior to the store closing we contacted them for a defect in the liner. They came out and looked at the pool and cut out the serial number and said the liner was defected and that they would replace the liner. After waiting a few weeks they didn’t answer their phone and we learned they closed the store. We were unable to contact them. So, we contacted the manufacturer and sent pictures of the defect. In one area of the bottom of the liner the floor is blistering and flaking. This is not the whole surface, just the one end which appears to be a section of the liner, seam to seam. They said they would not replace it and don’t worry. Well it keeps flaking and we are worried. What do you think? Thanks for your ideas. Tina

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