rust colored spots on bottom of pool

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rust colored spots on bottom of pool

Postby briang » Fri 28 Apr, 2006 18:43

getting rust colored spots in different areas of pool..mostly in shallow areas and around steps? tried an algea control, no luck! anybody familiar with this problem? it seemed to come on fast when the temp staring rising to 85 degree or more?

Pool Helper

Algea or fungus

Postby Pool Helper » Sat 29 Apr, 2006 04:53

What you are seeing may not be algea at all. It is probably a fungus growing under the liner.

You can treat it by liberally appling cuprous ferric oxide around the edge of the pool and watering it in well. It can take weeks or longer before you see results.

Super-chlorination or shock chlorination can bleach the rust color out, but will not kill the fungus under the liner. A copper-base algeacide may help, especially if it contains silver too, but don't pin your hopes on it.

pool liner?

Postby briang » Mon 08 May, 2006 17:09

this is a in ground pool.....does it still have a liner?

Re: pool liner?

Postby michael » Sun 14 May, 2006 11:30

briang wrote:this is a in ground pool.....does it still have a liner?

I've got same problem, any luck..

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did you find the answer?

Postby estler » Tue 23 May, 2006 19:31

Did you find the answer to the rust colored spots on the bottom of the pool. I have an in ground pool with the same problem and need help...They won't brush out, and more appeared today.

Rust Spots.......

Postby SURFER1 » Wed 24 May, 2006 06:03

I have rust spots on my in ground pool also. I took a sock and filled half of it with acid pellets and put the sock over the rust spot. Worked !!!!!

Rust spots

Postby Lauren » Sun 28 May, 2006 10:54

What kind of acid pellets? Did you use the sock as a scrub brush? I have had this for 2 summers. It is like a growth that adheres itself to the pool floor. I have tried to scrub it off but not much luck.

rust spots

Postby briang » Thu 01 Jun, 2006 21:38

no luck on removing the spots...they seemed to have stopped growing when I added "soda ash" to adjust my PH level, but they have not disappeared! Anybody else have any comments on the acid trick in the above posting?
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Postby howbout » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 11:06

If it is an IG pool it could be rebar poking through. It is NOT a big deal. We recently had our IG pool acid washed and one spot had rust that was rebar - when I heard that I FREAKED. But then learned it is NO big deal and the acid washing would clear it. And it did. No more rust. So maybe your acid treatment did the same thing...

rust colored spots on bottom of pool

Postby » Thu 05 Nov, 2009 08:19

Take a pvc pipe long enough to reach the rust spots and pour muriatic acid down pipe directly on stain. Use a respirator or be careful because the acid is bad for your lungs when inhaled. Then use a metal inhibitor like phosphonic acid or Jack's majenta to prevent the return of your rust spot.

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