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Rust spots

Postby johnmsims2 » Fri 17 Aug, 2012 12:53

tOM66331 wrote:
Lauren wrote:What kind of acid pellets? Did you use the sock as a scrub brush? I have had this for 2 summers. It is like a growth that adheres itself to the pool floor. I have tried to scrub it off but not much luck.

The rust colored stains are most likely from metal in the water. Some towns run flushing in the water supply and if your adding a lot of pool water during this time you will add too much metal in the water. The browning usually hits the plastic fixtures first such as the jet returns, however it can settle and stain any portion of the liner that water settles with less flow. Try concentrated doses of metal out and stir the water with your pool brush.
nail on the head....natural stones or rocks used as decor on decks or pool siding have minerals in them like metals that cause this rust .....over time and poor maintenance these stones dry up and get brittle and fall into pool....use a wet-look sealer to seal the rocks and it should prevent this from happening ....pipe and acid works well

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