Filled the pool with well water, now its brown

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Filled the pool with well water, now its brown

Postby thewrecker39 » Mon 21 Apr, 2008 06:08

We have a well and as our pool filled it was yellow I shocked it and now it is a iced tea brown. It is almost ot the level that we can start running the filter but is there something i need to get to get the water clear. We don't have a water softner so I imagine it is my well water. I know this cause I have to use heavy chemicals to clean my toilets and showers. We have a 4ft deep 15ft round Intex metal walled above ground.

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Postby chem geek » Mon 21 Apr, 2008 10:46

You probably have iron in the water and should use a metal sequestrant to try and hold the metal in the water and prevent it from precipitating out as stain. When you shock the pool, depending on the type of chlorine you use, the pH rises and that causes more iron to precipitate out as stain. You should lower the pH and use a metal sequestrant. You may need to use ascorbic acid on the stains. You can read more about that here.

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